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Social media consulting

Establishing a real relationship with your audience comes with a clear-cut social media strategy and a realization that you need to dedicate a certain amount of resources to your social channels. As someone who started out as an overly-confident social media manager with a degree in branding & communications, I now offer consulting on social media strategy. In other words: I can tell you what to do to get your audience on board and I can tell you how to do it. I’ve been working with startups & larger organizations for a while now and I’ve never gotten a bad review. You’re thinking “Well, not yet, anyway!”. I’m thinking “Get me on board and your social media channels will be so aligned and will kick so much ass, you’ll forget how silent they were before I came along.”

Brand consulting

You’re just starting out in the business world and you need some help with your branding. Or maybe you’ve been in the spotlight for a while, but you’ve decided it’s time for a rebranding? That’s okay too. In fact – It’s awesome. Let’s craft your (new) brand message together! Both my experience and my education made me realize this is what I love doing – isn’t it amazing to have the opportunity to trust someone who loves the work he does for your company? It sure beats hiring one of those perfectly polished self-proclaimed branding experts that will treat you as their next job.

Influencer marketing

If you’re still not partnering with online influencers to advance your brand – you’ve got a problem. Let me tell you about it in very few words: People follow other people. People like other people. People don’t like companies pushing their products. People like other people wearing/eating/drinking/etc. these products. You need to find those with just the right amount of online influence in the channels where your potential customers reside – and you need to strike up a partnership! Hint: I’m available. Shoot me an email – let’s talk about my followers and what I can do for you.

  • Desislava is always highly motivated and example of character to be followed

    Martin Stoyanov, HP
  • Desislava´s professionalism and sense for details is contagious and she always finds opportunities that others might miss.

    Anela Dzapo, AIESEC in SDU
  • Desislava never fails to deliver and her ability to juggle several things at once while keeping a cool mind and still inspiring others make her a natural leader.

    Stephanie Sørensen, AIESEC in SDU
  • Anyone who gets the chance to work with Desislava should feel lucky, as she doesn’t miss a chance to learn new things, but she also spares no effort to help others and share knowledge

    Sokaina Jabbar, Youth to Business
  • Desislava is one-of-a-kind! Hard working, creative, and always says what she thinks.

    Adam Montandon, Factory of Imagination
  • Desislava can tweet and post like no one else can. Put her on the first row of your event and she will highlight the best things Live!

    Steffie Limere, TEDxEAL
  • There are leaders who change your life and open your eyes, there are leaders who make you feel comfortable and willing to get out of your comfort zone. Such a leader is Desislava Dobreva.

    Ioana Fartadi, AIESEC in SDU
  • Desi is an ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit with an international mindset. She’s a great communicator with great writing skills.

    Jack Tolboe, ShopGun
  • I’d recommend Desi to anyone in a heartbeat.

    Peter Babel, Meridia Audience Response


Convinced? Hit me up on me@ddobreva.com

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