The Ultimate Guide To Cat Memes & Self-Motivation

Lessons on self-motivation are probably the biggest cliché on the Internet. The only other thing that can serve as worthy competition to self-motivation are cat memes. They both are, in fact, such a cliché , that it’s now a cliché to say that they’re a cliché .

So, naturally, I thought “Hey, why not combine two of the biggest clichés” and make an actual valuable blog post out of them. I know, it sounds ludicrous to me too. But I’m going to give it a try anyway. Yes, I’ve always been such a daredevil.

In my opinion, the best blog posts out there stem from personal experience. They suck you right into the world of the writer and in the end you come out a little bit different, yet still exactly the same. This is why I’m using my own humble experience here to try and extract some lessons from my daily life on how we can stay motivated even when it seems like everything and everyone is screaming “NO, YOU CAN’T DO IT! GET THE FUCK OUT!”

We’ve all had our “me vs. world” moments and for some of us they happen as often as Donald Trump insults Rosie O’Donnell. The usual boring Internet finding will tell you to believe a better day will come and focus on that. Also, it will tell you to eat some chocolate in the mean time. To get out of bed thinking nice little thoughts like… “Today is going to be a gorgeous day! I’m going to do everything I’ve ever wanted to do! I’m going to meet so many nice people”… and yadda yadda yadda. Really? Does that ever work for anyone? ‘Cause I think my head exploded just by writing this rubbish (sorry, not sorry).

Let’s take a different path. What’s an essential ingredient in self-motivation? Confidence. I’ve talked to enough people and seen enough behaviors to know that we often have a very hard time trying to be confident every single day. And that’s exactly it: trying to be confident. It doesn’t work that way. You either are or you aren’t and if you aren’t – first you have to acknowledge it, be aware of it and then start reflecting on how to change it. Let me give you a few tips (Imagine me saying that in a creepy Chucky voice. I don’t know why, just thought it would be funny).

Do Perfectionists Have To Be Losers?

One of my biggest personal drawbacks is that I’m a perfectionist. If you’re struggling with the same, I feel you. I feel you like Android is feeling iOS right now. It’s extremely hard to set goals and expectations, because you know you have to act against that “I want it all and I want it to be perfect” attitude bubbling inside you, but at the same time… you really do want everything to be perfect. My advice: talk to your partner about it. To your best friend, your mother – whoever you’re closest to. They will help guide you and aid you in setting realistic, yet ambitious goals. Just be careful, because it’s your own life after all. If you think you can become a storm chaser, then you can become a storm chaser! (Please don’t). And write those goals down!

Negative People Suck… Or Do They?

Everyone will tell you to avoid negative people. Every single piece of horrible (and sometimes even decent) content I’ve ever read advises you to avoid or ignore them. Well, here I am again, the daredevil, because I say talk to them. If you have someone close to you (or not that close) that acts this way – figure out what makes him do it instead of cutting him off immediately. This will help you in many ways, but mostly – it will make you be more self-aware about becoming too negative at some point in your life. Then – try to help that person. No one is a lost cause and let’s face it – we all have a selfish bone in our body, so do it for yourself as much as you’re doing it for him/her. I’ve known a lot of negative people and with some of them we parted paths, with some of them I talk on a daily basis and it’s amazing to see their improvement – if you’re a part of it, it makes you feel powerful, as well as confident.

Failure Is Cool

Do you honestly expect to become confident and good at what you do if you’re afraid of failure? One thing I’ve noticed about myself lately is that I’ve substituted fear with a form of acknowledgement. I acknowledge the fact that I might fail miserably at a number of things (since I often do stuff pretty spontaneously and without any idea what I’m doing) but I’m not afraid of it. Believe me, I used to be – I vaguely remember someone crying in the TOEFL waiting room while waiting for the next part of the test to begin. I’m not saying that person was me, but I’m not saying I don’t love cats either. Anyway, all of us have failed in something, right? (If you haven’t, don’t talk to me.) I’ve never failed a test in my entire existence, but I’ve failed in life many times. A bad relationship? Check. Disappointing a friend? Check. Letting a client down? Check. And you know what? That’s AWESOME! If I hadn’t had a bad relationship, I wouldn’t have an insanely amazing one now. If I hadn’t disappointed my friends at least once, I wouldn’t know what disappoints them. If I hadn’t let down a client, I wouldn’t have learned how to manage my work better. Failure is cool, because it helps you become a better person. As long as you ONLY MAKE NEW MISTAKES.

Comfort Zone Virgins Are Not Ok

I don’t mean to get all Albert Fish on you, but let’s face it: pushing our limitations is why we’re alive. I know I can’t feel completely fulfilled in anything I do unless I’m out of my comfort zone at least from time to time. You may say: “yes, but we’re not all like you, so suck it with your stupid advice, I’m unsubscribing and never reading your blog again, you mindless freak” (Just being realistic here). On the contrary: we are all like me, in the sense that we have to do something out of the ordinary from time to time in order to be happy. I’m not saying a “let’s jump off an elephant or have dinner with cannibals” kind of thing – going out of your comfort zone can be as small and as big of an act as you want it to be. For some people that’s trying out a new recipe, for others it’s going to Asia, and for some of us it’s diving into one of the most creative industries and being pushed to your limits every single day. Whatever that is for you – find it, do it and then do it some more. There’s no way you’ll regret it!

Shun Dumbassery, But Welcome Valuable Knowledge

This is a sensitive one. I mean it, throw in a tissue or two and bring it some chamomile tea, because you’ll most likely have problems with it. When people start giving you advice, especially as you get into a new career or take up a new hobby, in the beginning it’s very difficult to determine which of these people are complete and utter assholes, and which among them are genuinely nice and helpful. If you’re lucky, you’ll mostly have to deal with the latter, but there will still be the occasional dumbass. I can count on the fingers of half the population of China the amount of people who have left me a comment on Facebook or directly shot me a personal message somewhere with something they think looks like advice. I recently had someone comment vigorously on one of my status updates where the topic was vegetarianism (he didn’t agree with my opinion). At one point he apparently saw my profession and started telling me how “as a head of a marketing team” I should be able to do this and that and how if this is my branding, then I suck as a person (He had no idea what “branding” means”).

Sorry, sometimes when I laugh hysterically I tend to forget what I’m writing. Anyway, when you have a debate or argument with someone and he knows what you do, he sometimes tries to humiliate you with a complete lack of knowledge and utter ignorance, which he makes sure looks like advice. I mean, this same person even continued on to tell me that I’m a very bad leader because I don’t want to accept the knowledge he was trying to give me.

So, yeah, keep in mind human beings are not always nice people and sometimes they even believe their illogical ramblings, but that doesn’t mean you should. I’ve seen many people attacked this way and feeling bad afterwards, questioning whether the dumbass was right. Don’t you ever do that! Only accept genuine advice and learn how to distinguish the people who actually want to help you. Tip: they usually don’t insult you in the process. Don’t get me wrong – you can definitely learn something from dumbasses too, but not nearly enough to justify the time you’d lose dealing with them. Unless you’re having fun – ignore them!

Where are you going? We’re not finished yet, so grab a cup of tea (or coffee. Or vodka) and check out my bonus tip. Self-motivation is a tough thing to do and apart from keeping in mind what I already mentioned, it really helps to have some sort of a technique to help you through rough times. This is when I ask myself these 9 questions. They do, indeed, motivate you in 30 seconds or even less – I’ve answered them so many times already that it now takes me around 20 seconds to do so. This is because I already know what I love about my life, what can be better about it and what I want to achieve. It’s as simple (and as complicated) as that. Try it out, set some clear goals, write them down, let some time pass and try it again – the difference will surprise you as much as it surprised me that Finland finally introduced a heavy metal emoji.

I’ll just let Grumpy Cat say my goodbyes:


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