Continuing the “Never Silent” Trend I Have Going For Myself.


Those who know me (and not even REALLY know me, but even just the ones who have seen me more than 1 time) also know that I can never seem to be able to shut up.

“Yes, but she for sure shuts up when it’s awkward or unnecessary or inconsiderate to speak”, some would think. And no. Just no. And it’s not like I haven’t tried to NOT do it, but that was wayyy in the past, when I used to let people determine who I should and shouldn’t be. Now I accept it – hell, I even embrace it. Silence is rarely a good thing, and I’m trying hard to acknowledge the really good times to be silent. I even succeed from time to time, my friends tell me.

This is obviously not one of those times.

I recently started working in a more-awesome-than-I-ever-would-have-imagined company in Copenhagen and I guess one of my really cool responsibilities will be to create and maintain a company blog. In other words, I’m going to be doing one of the things I truly love – WRITING! And while I’m still working on starting that soon-to-be-great blog, I decided to create my own and see how things are nowadays in the blogging world, figure out if I’m kind of rusty on the writing part, etc. (Am I? AM I???) The truth is, I’ve been wanting to have my own blog for AGES. And not just because there are so many great bloggers out there who I follow like a crazy person and whom I constantly crave updates from.

No, it’s more because I like expressing my opinions. I like having my freedom of speech and I like putting it (most of the time) to good use. I love long discussions with people I barely know, lively debates on different topics (sometimes ridiculous ones like 50 Shades of Grey – what an intelligent discussion this provokes), heated word-duels and just…all that comes with freedom of expression! I just love it.

Anyway, I decided to try out Tumblr. I’ll admit, being in the branding & advertising industry for some time now, I know all the benefits of a company having its own blog, as well as all the personal branding advantages steaming from it. However, I’m rather ashamed to admit I didn’t quite know that Tumblr has become such a great place for individuals AND businesses to develop a strong brand. Like many others, I used to think the main audience are teenagers who have nothing else to do. That’s not exactly the case though! For instance, check out what Jason Keath from has to say about that. 

All in all: it’s not anything too complex and the platform does provide some pretty great features for you. BUT, (and there’s always a BUT) even though I now started to blog often on it, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the experience. It’s just too simple even for me, and it’s not like I’m some HTML-lover or an IT person in general (trust me on that). I wanted more features, more freedom and more choices. And since I already have some experience with WordPress, as I used to maintain a website with it, I decided to give it a go.

So… I guess let’s see how this goes! 🙂 I’m going to keep my Tumblr blog for more personal things (for now at least) as I don’t want to give up on it, and I’m going to use this space here to talk about more important topics. For example, I realized I never talk or post anything about one of the main things in my life that I’m so interested in: MY INDUSTRY! I love branding, I love communications and I am such a digital marketing freak, I really can’t believe I didn’t have an outlet to talk about all this before.


(By the way, Google+ is also awesome for finding like-minded professionals, if you didn’t already know that) I mean, you can find literally ANYTHING on my Facebook wall, but it’s the only social network that I like to keep a bit messy – a little bit of everything. That’s why it’s not that good for me to talk about this and connect to people who love discussing it too. And it doesn’t help that most of the people there are only interested in cat videos, motivational quotes and bad grammar. Okay, maybe they’re not particularly INTERESTED in the latter, but you did catch what I meant, right?

Bottom line: Thanks, WordPress, for being (or seeming) awesome and giving me the opportunity to express everything my little opinionated head feels like expressing. Stay tuned!


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