The Battle for Reason: Instagram and Food


This word has turned into a metaphor for slightly deranged Instagram-obsessed individuals posting their food 24/7 under the notion that someone cares. At least that’s what most people think, right?

Well, guess what – not that I’m a paragon of mental health or anything, but as one of those who do it, I can tell you posting food on Instagram does, indeed, serve a better purpose than just bragging about your eating habits.

I’ll just start by saying that during the past few years I’ve tried my best to eat better, work out harder(and more consistently) and all in all – live better.

About 1,5 years ago I decided to finally give in and create an Instagram profile, since, being in the social media industry, I needed to add knowledge about Instagram to my professional skills, regardless of feeling like I was being initiated into a herd. I started with a few selfies, then, after re-discovering my brain, moved on travel pictures and at some point – color me surprised, because I realized what all the hype was about:

Instagram is the perfect place to connect to like-minded people and get advice from those with more experience. [Tweet This]

I started brainstorming on what I wanted help with and what connections I’d most benefit from and after a while it came to me: food. Eating healthy is no piece of cake (see what I did there?), not to mention I wanted to become a vegetarian and I didn’t have any ideas on how to start. Plus, when 80% of your time is spent working, you need to be extra organized with your eating and work-out habits. To be 100% honest, my Instagram is not only about food – I’ve divided it into food and travel, but connecting to travelers is so much easier than connecting to other foodies.

You may or may not know this (read: I’m not sure how much of a social media freak you are, but if you aren’t like me, here’s something that resembles an explanation) but hashtags are your not-so-secret weapon when you want to get more exposure on Instagram – so I built my hashtag strategy and it wasn’t long before others started noticing my posts.

I was posting a lot of pictures of healthy meal ideas in the hope that:

  1. Someone will see and use them as an inspiration for creating his own
  2. Others with more experience will notice my profile and we can exchange ideas
  3. Someone will start stalking me and constantly complimenting my pictures until I give him a chance to be my friend, we go out and he turns out to be a 67-year-old creep.

Well, 1 and 2 happened. Now I’m constantly talking to insanely inspiring people – cookbook creators, vegan bodybuilders, professional food bloggers, personal trainers, you name it.

And I’m using Instagram to do it.

I’m no Martha Stewart (I’d never look good in a prison jumpsuit, plus I’ve watched way too much Prison Break. T-Bag anyone?), but I’ve gathered so many tips, recipes and advice that I started making my own recipes and I finally gave up meat for good, because I have enough knowledge to substitute it and live better without it. Not to mention how much I love the fact that I’m providing value to others with my posts – not that there’s anything wrong with posting selfies, but…no, I can’t. Damn, every time I try to be nice to people flooding Instagram with their narcissistic valueless content I fail miserably. Let me try that again:

You people rock! Keep up posting close-ups – after all, our sole reason for existing is to look at your mascara goops and duck faces and think “My God, what an infatuating picture – let me subscribe, because missing out on even a single selfie would be a bigger shame than I could possibly live with”.

Nailed it!

Anyway, the fact that many of us do this in order to connect to other people and share inspiration definitely doesn’t mean that all food-obsessed human beings out there are the same. Many of them just post their food for fun…or to brag about it. But really – what is there to brag about? If someone wants to eat healthy and take pictures of his food, he can do it. It’s not really an award-winning skill. Unless, of course, you’re an incredible cook – then don’t forget to send me a sample of your cooking 😀

In the mean time many people probably look at my profile and think: “Another one of those food-obsessed crazies, no thanks.” From where I’m standing, I’d prefer to be one of those crazies, than someone who doesn’t think twice when making up his mind about something. Hell, lock me in the madhouse and throw away the key!

Okay, I’ll admit, that’s something I’ve always wanted to say, but now that I’ve said it, I kind of want to take it back. Be a nice person and ignore it, okay? By the way,

Have you noticed that instead of allowing ourselves to learn something new, most of the time we just assume we already know it? Food for thought.





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