How To Suck As A Social Media Manager

Imagine this scenario: you’re a social media manager. You’re new at the job and still quite unsure about what exactly it is that you need to do. You still haven’t built up all the habits related to the job that all of us social media managers seem to have.

Well, just in case you decide you want to learn how NOT to do your job, this is for you.

10 Ways To Be The Worst Social Media Manager

# 1: Do your thing and come up with cool ideas for posts, try to engage people and reply to comments. You can’t be bothered with knowing the company’s goals or future plans. The other strategies are not important, as the social media strategy is something completely separate. Yes, that really is the best way to go, since organizations usually don’t want their social or business strategies aligned with social media.

#2: Forget about the details. Why does it matter that you made a spelling mistake in that post or that you used the wrong hashtag? People don’t care about this, they just want to see what you’re selling. After all, grammar is not important – only the brand message you’re trying to deliver.

#3: Make sure you reply to negative comments in the most offensive (or defensive) way possible. These people should be put in their place – you work so hard on those posts, the least they can do is leave positive feedback!

#4: Forget about having a sense of humor. Social media communication should always be on a professional level and posts with a humorous twist are most unwelcome. It will make people feel like you are a joke. And then you’ll be fired.

#5: Social media management platforms? Hell no, you can easily just log in to every channel and post individually. Those platforms are confusing and a waste of time. Who wants all of their social media in one place?

#6: Advertising and promotion is the same thing, right? Right?

#7: You don’t need to use any of those complicated analytical tools – even the “Insights” feature on Facebook is pointless. You can see well enough for yourself how successful your social media strategy is. 100 likes means it’s working! You’re sensing a pay raise.

#8: You don’t have to be open to new things – you understand social media well enough and what you do works, therefore you don’t need to experiment with anything. Plus, then you’ll never get fired. Playing it safe = good. Experimenting = bad.

#9: You should always come up with your posts 5-10 minutes in advance, because spontaneity is the best way to go. After all, being a social media manager is supposed to be fun and not about planning and scheduling all the time.

#10: Hashtags are so overrated, especially on places like Twitter and Instagram. You use over 50 of them on each post and not only don’t people like your posts, but no one cares about the hashtags! You shouldn’t try to figure out what’s going on and fix it, the best solution here is to stop using hashtags altogether.

Feeling like a success yet?


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One Comment on “How To Suck As A Social Media Manager

  1. Lol – this is so true! There is also – “not bothering to learn or keep up to date with the latest news because they can’t make too many changes and I’m sure they won’t effect me”

    Love this post!

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