How To Start Kicking Ass Online. And By “Kicking Ass” I Mean…

You’ll find out soon enough.

So, I was having lunch with some cool guys from my office today & listening to their conversation about social media. Surprise: I was mostly listening and not butting in, because it was quite interesting to hear what they had to say! So interesting, in fact, that it made me talk to some others about it and do some research online as well.


Yep – I came up with pretty interesting results!

“Tell Us, Oh, Blonde Almighty, What Are These So Interesting Results?”

Well, many people don’t write anything on any of their social media profiles (even though they have them) – they just follow other people and read what they have to say instead. But that’s not interesting – we already knew about their existense. The thing is, I always thought it’s only because many people care a lot about their privacy and they feel like all of these bad, bad Facebook-style places are stripping them off this privacy, especially because now they’re obliged to write their real names in most. Legitimate concerns, by the way. Anyway, my realization though was that this is not always the case.

I found out that lots of people out there feel like no one would want to listen to what they have to say.

And that’s pretty sad, because every single person in this world has something to say – don’t you think? Maybe not everyone can put it into the right words and for sure not everyone can make it sound engaging and interesting, and that, I guess, to them is a good reason not to say anything online. Ever. But I think it’s a mistake, and this is why.

1) You can never know who’s out there, reading your comments, blog posts or tweets.

One single Facebook status can, for example, help someone regain their motivation about working out, one tweet or re-tweet can help someone get a job, and one blog post can reassure someone that taking care of a family while having a full-time job is, indeed, possible with the right attitude. You may even convince someone not to take their lives! Yes, it has happened. And weirder things have also happened. Although we keep trying to deny it, words matter deeply to us. Even to the ones who “don’t give a fuck”. Not all words of course! But we always find words that matter, among all the random chaos of sentences we hear and read every day – think about it!

One thing is clear – there are many people who just don’t want to do this, because they don’t like writing, helping people or using social media in general. I’m not talking about them here though. I’m only talking about the ones who are too afraid to speak up, not realizing that there might be someone out there wanting to hear them out.

2) The pressure.

Apparently, many of you out there think that if they start posting regular content somewhere, they will feel pressured to continue doing it even if they don’t have enough time, for instance. There’s also the fear of posting something perceived as boring by your audience (friends, relatives, connections). All I can say here is – get over it! The only person who can put pressure on you is… YOU! You posted something awesome, people loved it and you got 200 comments? You had a few laughs and a good time because of it? Perfect! That doesn’t mean you need to fulfill someone’s expectations of you from now on. Not in the mood to post anything or even open Facebook today? Then don’t! It’s actually better for you. Just go outside, dance in the rain until your shoes melt, fall in love with a cat or whatever cheesy piece of advice I’m supposed to give you. Yuck.

I mean, really! I had a post about my hair on Facebook yesterday and it got like 70 comments. You can never know what people are going to love and what they aren’t. (Unless you’re an expert, which you’re not, because I’m obviously not writing this for social media experts. DUH.) Once I had a post about one of the most inspiring women in the world, Amy Purdy and no one even cared. Did that bother me? Haha, to the point where I had to go to the roof, throw my laptop off it and then jump onto the passing car (hopefully a Mercedes). Yes, that was sarcasm – unless you are managing your personal brand to the point where you want to profit financially from it, just try not giving a fuck about who likes what and go ahead and raise your voice if you have one. If you want to write something, do it. If you want to say something, do it! In most cases, there’s someone who is going to listen and find you interesting. You may make some new friends who have the same opinions as you or who like the way you express yourself.

3) What really bothers me is that a lot of you may be really good writers, with an awesome sense of humor or a talent for provocative & well-written content, and you are still being silent.

Do you really think no one would notice it? I got a bunch of followers the first day I started my blog, and my post was ridiculous. I’ve seen people being captivated by a girl writing about just her crush on some guy, but she had over 10 000 people impatiently waiting for the next post. Then there’s this girl called Sherylinn Macale who is also a blogger and apparently extremely talented. From what I’ve seen, she mostly talks about her daily life as well, and she has a crazy amount of people listening to her, commenting on her posts and even sending her money! Insane, right? No! Because when someone wants to express himself and people find him likable, they listen. I’ve read her blog posts and some of her social media feed, and it’s quite fun – that’s what kept me going back.

Get To The Point Already Or I’m Going Back To My Cat Videos

My point is – if you feel a need to – dare to express yourself online. How much and in what way is entirely up to you, but if you decide you don’t want to sit on the sidelines anymore, my advice is to just go for it! No matter if it’s just a few Facebook posts from time to time or a blog post every day. If we take me as an example, I can’t live without writing something, creating something – anything. I’ve been creating content for social media for a long time now, and from a hobby it turned into a professional job. But since nothing is ever enough, I started the blog you’re reading right now 🙂 Do people like it? I don’t really care that much, as long as I have an outlet to express my opinions, interests, passions, hate towards monstrosities that ruin reading and writing for all of us like 50 Shades of Grey and many, many other things. So make sure you find your own voice and write away!

By the way, remember that ridiculous Facebook status update about my hair that I mentioned? Well the 70th comment was posted by a crazy red-haired Bulgarian girl who wanted a prize for being one of the many brain dead people to waste his time on this, so I decided to give her a shout out here! Stay crazy, Inn! 😀 I propose a toast to all us brain dead people who waste their time on the most ridiculous stuff ever *drinks a shot of tequila*

Okay, that’s it. I wonder what I’m gonna write about next. Stay tuned!


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