“I’m starving.” “Me too.” “Yeah, but I can’t stop!!! Look at this building. And this cab. Awwwww, the double deckers!” Click. Click. Click. I’ve probably taken 200 pictures already, and we’ve only been in London for a few hours.

Grateful. That’s it. I honestly can’t think of any other words that can describe these insanely awesome people better than “grateful”. Why? I’m glad you asked, grasshoppers. Join me on a 2-day ride throughout Indonesia as you find out the answer to this question. I promise – it’s gonna be fun and so not, Read More

We all know Spain is awesome in summer – from Malaga’s gorgeous beaches to Barcelona’s spacious parks and gardens, I’m all over that. This year though, I decided to check out Madrid and Barcelona during the holidays.

An incredibly spontaneous trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina for a conference led me to Sarajevo in springtime (end of April) and you know what? My trip was so great it finally pushed me to expand my blog and add a travel section to it. I know, it’s been long overdue.

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