Dear romance-lovers, Really? Okay, I’ll bite. Romance is cool. I kinda like it, except when people go overboard. Which happens on every.single.Valentine’s Day.

Clichés are clichés for a reason. They’re supposed to remind us of something we should’ve already learned. They’re easy – that’s why social media clichés are such a big issue right now. After all, we just love taking the easy way out, don’t we?

Healthy.  This word has turned into a metaphor for slightly deranged Instagram-obsessed individuals posting their food 24/7 under the notion that someone cares. At least that’s what most people think, right?

It was a cold and cloudy night in Brussels this Saturday. The atmosphere was somewhat different than usual – not only could you hear a pin drop, but you could almost imagine all the people typing away at their laptops at home. It was a peculiar thing – the city was under lockdown, which, Read More

Ah, yes, social media – that’s basically Facebook and Twitter, right? Let’s whip up some profiles and start posting from time to time, that’ll get us so many new customers and traffic on our website! Not to mention everyone will know our product!

Imagine this scenario: you’re a social media manager. You’re new at the job and still quite unsure about what exactly it is that you need to do. You still haven’t built up all the habits related to the job that all of us social media managers seem to have. Well, just in case you, Read More

Let’s have a chat about immigrants, people judging them and Yoda. Okay, we won’t actually talk about Yoda – he’s just going to be there.

You’ll find out soon enough. So, I was having lunch with some cool guys from my office today & listening to their conversation about social media. Surprise: I was mostly listening and not butting in, because it was quite interesting to hear what they had to say! So interesting, in fact, that it made, Read More

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