It was a cold and cloudy night in Brussels this Saturday. The atmosphere was somewhat different than usual – not only could you hear a pin drop, but you could almost imagine all the people typing away at their laptops at home. It was a peculiar thing – the city was under lockdown, which, Read More

Have you ever, before going to a new place, made a point of keeping your expectations low? A few days ago, that’s exactly what I did.. There are so many reasons for a person to do this, but in my case it wasn’t something I usually tell people – because it has to do with a nasty little, Read More

Lessons on self-motivation are probably the biggest cliché on the Internet. The only other thing that can serve as worthy competition to self-motivation are cat memes. They both are, in fact, such a cliché , that it’s now a cliché to say that they’re a cliché .

Ah, yes, social media – that’s basically Facebook and Twitter, right? Let’s whip up some profiles and start posting from time to time, that’ll get us so many new customers and traffic on our website! Not to mention everyone will know our product!

Imagine this scenario: you’re a social media manager. You’re new at the job and still quite unsure about what exactly it is that you need to do. You still haven’t built up all the habits related to the job that all of us social media managers seem to have. Well, just in case you, Read More

An incredibly spontaneous trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina for a conference led me to Sarajevo in springtime (end of April) and you know what? My trip was so great it finally pushed me to expand my blog and add a travel section to it. I know, it’s been long overdue.

Hola, everyone! I was talking to one of my best friends yesterday and we got to discussing jobs and specifically – the ones called “survival” jobs, or those we work only when we’re desperate for money and we learn nothing from. Or, so we think. No, I’m not talking prostitution – more like cleaning, restaurant work,, Read More

Working for free. Working for free. It does have a certain unpleasant ring to it, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t – unless someone is exploiting you. In other words – donating your efforts without seeking financial gains can be quite awesome. And yes, people actually do that!

I’ve been talking to people. Okay, I just realized that’s a weird way of starting a blog post. Let me rephrase: I love talking to people. I’m a very social person. Thus, the idea for this post came from someone I talked to. The conversation really sparked my interest, so I went on to, Read More

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