Desislava Dobreva

“Are you sure you can lead a team and be our social media manager at the same time?”

“Hell yes!”

Two beautiful sentences that kickstarted my career in branding and content creation. Being bullied in primary school and high school made me lose my voice for quite a while – until I found it again. Social media turned out to be exactly the tool I needed to make myself heard and gain back my confidence.

My self-perception and my friends’ opinions of me shifted completely: I wasn’t that shy little girl anymore. I was someone with a voice. Someone who wanted to use that voice to help others.

Finding my voice again convinced me that I didn’t want to be ordinary. I wanted to escape mediocrity – and I did it by working harder than Trump works on his Twitter insults. I did it by believing I’m meant for more than a regular desk job. Now I help others believe – by teaching them how to find their true passion & turn it into a profitable business.

Building an online brand is hard, but I know how to simplify it for you – so that we can escape mediocrity together.

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