10 Examples Of Magic. GOT YOU! It’s Just Technology.

Sorry – no Harry Potter here. Evidently, many people still consider things like WiFi on a plane the Devil’s magic. “How is that even possible? You’re lying”. Yep, they exist.

For those of us, though, who aren’t only fascinated, but also overwhelmingly curious about technological advances, the future is so bright, we have to wear sunglasses even when we sleep.

And put on SPF 50.

A lot of real, already existing technology is often considered a scam, simply because it’s too mind-blowing for us to even grasp the possibility of it actually existing.

Well, let’s board the fast train to the future together, because all I’m about to show you is 100% real. If it’s not, I’ll allow one curse word per person. Okay – two. I’m an understanding girl.

Let’s start with something simple. Did I say simple? I meant… mind-blowing. You’ll see.

10 unreal, but real technologies

  1. The MindWave Mobile EEG Headset

Source: www.hongkiat.com

Hi! To put it simply: I can help you control your computer or mobile device with your brain. I come with a lot of applications and there are two main “mind” measurements needed to control them – “attention” and “meditation”. People use me to play games, control videos and keep a meditation journal. Thanks to me, this girl managed to control a toy robot. Now that’s cool.

2. The invisible bike helmet

Hi! I’m Hövding. I have a weird name because I come from Sweden. I make it cool for people to protect their heads, because with me they don’t look like dorks.

I use rechargeable battery-powered accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect the typical motions involved in a bike crash. They trigger a gas inflator which fills a nylon airbag with helium, causing it to form a hood around your head.

3. The vertical ship.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Hi! I’m owned by the US Navy, which makes me way cooler than you’ll ever be. And that’s before you even realize that I can flip from a horizontal to a vertical position while in water.

And I do it for science! That’s right, I help naval scientists in many research fields like acoustics, oceanography, meteorology and marine mammal observation.

4. The Brainport Vision Device

Source: www.wccftech.com

Hi! I’m the weirdest and probably the most awesome piece of technology you’ve ever seen. I help blind people see through their tongues.

No, you didn’t read wrong.

I collect visual data through a small digital video camera in a pair of sunglasses. Then, I transmit it to a handheld base unit, which looks just like your cellphone.

5. The NewPro3D printer

Source: www.3dprint.com

Hi! I’m currently the world’s fastest resin 3D printer. I’m like a robot with a tiny glue gun and I’m amazing.


Well, I can print a prosthetic arm in only 45 minutes – it used to take a week to do that! Sit back and watch me revolutionize many areas, starting with the medical industry.

6. Halo hearing aids

Source: www.recode.net

Hi! Me and my friend, the TruLink app – we help people with hearing problems by wirelessly connecting to their iOS device.

TruLink can adjust the hearing aid settings for different environments and stream phone calls directly into me! Some say I’m even better than the ears they were born with.

7. The Hubsan Nano Q4 quadcopter

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Hi! I’m the world’s smallest nano drone. I think. Seriously, did you ever imagine that something like me would exist? Many of us, nano drones, even come with cameras, so you can fly us and shoot video.

Some people say that the US Air Force is working on this little guy which will be even smaller than me and will help protect the law… among other things.

8. Self-driving cars

Yes, we exist – from the Audi that drove from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas, to the Delphi car that took a road trip throughout the entire US, we’re out there and we’re only getting better… and more.

Right now Google, Tesla and Mercedes are only some of the companies working on making the streets safer and people – more productive. Here’s what Google’s project looks like.

9. Bitcoin

Source: www.taringa.net

Hi! I’m a crypto currency with strong encryption algorithms which make transactions secure. It’s sad how many people still don’t know about me, even though I could change how the world economy works, because I’m completely decentralized.

Digital currencies like me transform the way money flows within communities. Oh, well – at least people in Africa see how awesome I am.

10. Project Loon

Source: www.ibtimes.co.uk

Hi! I’m a Google baby, so it’s pretty clear I’m going to do some incredible things. I’m going to supply people from rural and remote parts of the world with Internet access.

I use high-altitude balloons placed in the stratosphere which create a wireless network. I was already successful when I was launched in New Zealand and my baloons flew over 9,000 kilometers to Latin America and delivered an Internet connection. Afterwards I even flew back around the globe to Australia where I had another successful connection test!

Beat that, Facebook. 

So, what’s the verdict?

Are you thinking “I knew all this, what a waste of time” or are you more of a “okay, that was kinda cool” type of person?

Well, if you’re the first type – great! That means you follow tech news, which I think all of us should do. It’s our world after all, not someone else’s, that’s changing thanks to these inventions.

I wrote this post so people could see the times we live in: times of driverless cars and 3D printing. Of people investing millions of dollars in technology instead of in healthcare. Yep, everything has its drawbacks, but this doesn’t mean these technologies are not making the world better.

Before you let your head hurt from all of this, try and enjoy yourself. It’s not like you’ll live to see the best of these becoming mainstream. Aaaaah, the bright side.



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